March 28, 2018

SFTP Temporarily Unavailable

Posted at 4:26 pm

Flywheel’s SFTP servers will be temporarily unavailable as we run necessary updates. Users will not be able to connect to SFTP successfully during this upgrade. If SFTP access is critical during this time, contact support and we’ll do our best to get the upgrade complete as quickly as possible.


Updated on 2018-03-28 07:30 pm

SFTP access for sites hosted on a Bulk plan has been restored. We’re working as quickly as we can to restore connectivity on Single site plans and will update when those are completed. If SFTP access is critical on one of your sites, our support team will gladly prioritize the upgrade.

Thank you for your continued patience.

Updated on 2018-03-29 10:05 am

We’ve almost finished with the necessary upgrades and SFTP is expected to be fully restored later today! If SFTP access is critical before we’ve completed the process, send a note to our support team and we’ll prioritize your upgrade. Thank you for being patient during this process.

Updated on 2018-03-29 02:15 pm

Upgrades complete! Let us know if you spot any other issues with SFTP and we’ll be happy to help.

March 23, 2018

New York data center connectivity issues

Posted at 11:21 am

Our New York data center provider is currently investigating network connectivity issues that may cause sites in this region to be inaccessible. It is actively being investigated, and we will have an update once we have more information. Thank you for your patience.


Updated on 2018-03-23 11:50 am

Our provider has implemented a fix to resolve the network connectivity issues and we’re continuing to monitor the situation. Once we’re confident that it has been fully resolved, we’ll make an update.

Updated on 2018-03-23 05:03 pm

Our network provider has notified us that connectivity issues in the New York data center have been resolved at this time. If you have any further issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

March 19, 2018

We’re doing a little maintenance to our data center in Germany, so we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to create brand new sites there. This affects new single site plans and new bulk plans. If you currently have an active bulk plan in the region, however, feel free to proceed with site creation!

We’re working with our provider to get everything patched up and will re-enable our Germany data center as quickly as possible. Right now we estimate we should be up and running again by March 22nd. We’ll update this notice if this changes. Thanks for your patience!


Updated on 2018-03-21 02:00 pm

We’ve restored availability for new single sites and new Freelance bulk plans to be launched in our Germany data center.

We’re continuing to work with our provider and expect to have new Agency bulk plans available by March 23rd. Thank you for your continued patience!

Updated on 2018-03-22 09:00 am

We’ve restored full availability to our Germany data center!