January 12, 2021

Flywheel is currently aware of and investigating an issue where multiple customers and regions are experiencing an increased level of HTTP 5xx class errors. We’re actively working with our infrastructure provider to review these issues.

Thank you for your patience as we work toward a resolution; we’ll provide an update within the next 30 minutes.


Updated on 2021-01-12 10:15 am

Our infrastructure provider has applied a fix in an attempt to resolve the intermittent connectivity issues. We have seen positive results with this update but are still actively monitoring the situation. We’ll provide another update shortly.

Updated on 2021-01-12 10:55 am

The intermittent connectivity issues have been fully resolved! Please reach out to our Support team if you encounter any further issues.

December 4, 2020

Flywheel Cloud Maintenance

Posted at 4:02 pm

One of Flywheel’s infrastructure providers will be performing routine maintenance to a layer of Flywheel’s Cloud Platform. Sites should experience little to no visitor interruption; however, in the event that there is an interruption, a 503 error would be returned temporarily.

This mandatory maintenance will be performed outside of business hours for the sites hosting region beginning on 12/6 at 11pm CST through 12/8 3am CST.

November 24, 2020

Intermittent access to app.getflywheel.com

Posted at 3:26 am

Flywheel teams are currently investigating intermittent errors that may affect visitors navigating app.getflywheel.com. Sites are not affected during this incident. We apologize for the inconvenience!


Updated on 2020-11-24 03:45 am

Teams are seeing positive results with accessing app.getflywheel.com. We’re continuing to monitor the situation to ensure that visitors continue to have success while managing their sites.

Updated on 2020-11-24 04:00 pm

Access to app.getflywheel.com is now fully restored. Please reach out to our Support team if you encounter any further issues.